Fall Hardwood Flooring Sale!

Fall Hardwood Flooring Sale!

Now Through Thanksgiving 2018

5% Off ALL Hardwood Floors!

For generations, homes across the nation have been enjoying the look, versatility, and endurance of hardwood floors. With so many options in flooring out there, you may be wondering why would a homeowner decide to install hardwood rather than vinyl, tile, or even carpet?

While vinyl, carpet, and tile definitely have many benefits to offer, hardwood is a highly popular flooring option with over $3 billion in sales in 2017 in the United States alone! Few aspects of a home immediately add value as soon as they are installed, but that’s exactly what hardwood floors do, largely due to its long term durability.

With the advances made in hardwood floors in the past few years, homeowners are able to choose whatever look they desire for their homes: color, shade, plank size, or even scrape! At Floor Coverings International of Western NC, we offer both engineered and solid hardwood in varied species; from Hickory and Heart Pine to exotic woods like Tiger or Brazilian.

If you are considering putting hardwood floors down in your home, or even just thinking about refinishing your existing hardwood floors, let’s talk! Stop by and see us at our showroom at 133 Weaverville Road, call our office at (828)633-6222, or visit our Asheville Flooring Store website to schedule an in home visit from our Mobile Flooring Showroom. We’ll be happy to offer our assistance and guidance with your flooring project. We make flooring easy.