Laminate is a cost effective alternative to hardwood that is practical and durable. We carry a variety of wood and tile visuals that would be perfect option for your home.

Sheet Vinyl

 Sheet vinyl comes in a variety of colors and patterns providing a distinctive look to your home. Sheet vinyl can often be installed seamlessly making it ideal for rooms with moisture such as laundry rooms and bathrooms.

 Custom Area Rugs and Runners

 Area rugs and runners are a simple, powerful way to enhance the look and feel of any room in your home, as well as serving as decorative centerpieces in your room. Our custom area rugs and runners allows you to personalize your space with customizable sizes, patterns and borders.

Other Flooring

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We offer a variety of eco-friendly products including bamboo and cork.

Bamboo is a plentiful and rapidly renewable resource that makes it a great eco-friendly flooring option. Bamboo offers the aesthetics and performance of hardwoods but with a unique array of colors and grain character.

is toasty and warm underfoot. Cork is naturally resilient and sound absorbing while be comfortable to walk and stand on. Cork also does not absorb allergens and has natural anti-microbial properties that resist mold and mildew. Cork is a perfect choice where quiet is appreciated such as studies, bedrooms and basements.

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