What is happening in Hardwood?

What is happening in Hardwood?

We know that you want a beautiful hardwood floor in your home. We also understand that knowing where to start, and what to look for can be challenging.  Showrooms can be overwhelming, filled with wood colors and species both beautiful and exotic.  Big box stores are impersonal, with little real expertise in the products being sold.  Who can you turn to for knowledgeable recommendations for your home’s flooring?

Contact Floor Coverings International of WNC.  We are your local flooring experts, and make hardwood floors easy and understandable.

We are seeing more natural, clean and character looks, and less distressed and painted surfaces.  Matte finishes are also enjoying renewed popularity right now.  Customers want to see the grain, but with less gloss, while also moving away from highly-distressed or chattered hardwood.

The look and feel of wood can often connect you with nature, often invoking old memories of days past. Customers frequently feel a calmness associated with the warmth and texture that a hardwood floor offers.

Many of our customers are looking for a floor that tells a story, and has somewhat of a personality. Exotic hardwoods can tell this story, as you see the grain and detail filling out the personality of your home.

Gray/Greige is not going away anytime soon, but the trend will head toward a cooler gray. I would describe it as a neutral tone. Customers want a floor that their décor will blend with and stand out, without expiring with the next fashion trend

A customer said this week, “I have antique pieces of furniture mixed with newer, contemporary décor that I want the floors to work with, and make a statement.”

In more recent developments, millennials have developed considerable buying power, and they want a floor that’s easy to maintain while also being renewable/sustainable.  This generation has done their homework, and they are far more mindful of environmental sustainability

All things considered, the hardwood market is evolving, as it always has.  Fashion trends are still rotating through the latest colors and styles, while the “old reliables” are still enjoying consistent and traditional appreciation.